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GOAL: To provide educational links for my ECG/Arrhythmia materials for Primary Care clinicians.
Welcome to (also found @ — which is my new web page devoted to Cardiac Arrhythmias. Based on my prior FAFP (Florida Academy of Family Physicians) Talk (12/12/2014 — in Amelia Island, Florida) — and, my FAFP Arrhythmia Workshop (8/7/2015 — at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida) — this web page features an expanding array of educational material from a primary care perspective on a practical approach to Arrhythmia Evaluation & Management. It includes:
MY ECG Videos on Arrhythmia Diagnosis:
  • Video #3 — a Regular SVT/AVNRT.
  • Video #7  Wide Tachycardia in a Patient with Chest Pain.
  • Video #8 on Basics of AV Blocks (
  •      For a Linked-Time CONTENTS to AV Blocks!
  • Video #9 (Diagnosing 3rd-Degree/Laddergram Primer)
  •      Contents (Using a Laddergram — begins @ 9:10)

  • 3-Part Video Series on Basics of Rhythm Diagnosis:
  •    Part 1 — Video #10 (Intro to Rhythm Diagnosis) —
  •    Part 2 — Video #11 (Supraventricular Rhythms) —
  •    Part 3 — Video #12 (Ventricular Rhythms) —
  •        For a Linked-Time CONTENTS to Rhythm Dx!
NOTE: For a Power Point Show (.ppsx) version of my Video Blogs — CLICK HERE. This folder will contain links to download a .ppsx version that allows faster viewing:
  • Download the .ppsx to your computer desktop.
  • The PPT show is without automatic sound. YOU activate only the Audio clips you want.
  • Hover your mouse over the highlighted Audio. You may play and/or pause if/as you like.
  • Feel free to use this .ppsx for teaching with my blessings!
NOTEAlthough selected aspects of Rhythm Interpretation are included in the above handouts and videos — our focus on this web page is on clinical Arrhythmia Management in a primary care setting. In the interest of expanding our coverage on Arrhythmias — we include below LINKS to PDFs excerpted from ACLS-2013-ePub — and from ECG-2014-ePub — For your convenience, each PDF opens to Bookmarks. Click first on CONTENTS to see what is in each pdf.
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Additional LINKS of Interest regarding my work on ECG Interpretation:
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