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Welcome to my KG-EKG Press Web Page

In March, 1998  I founded KG/EKG Press (, dedicated to publishing in ECG/ACLS/Arrhythmias  with goal to facilitate learning in cardiology-related topics. As sole proprietor of KG/EKG Press  I have published 8 different pocket brain books (some now in their 5th and 6th editionsplus 6 ePubs ( I feel blessed that my material has been used nationally and internationally by thousands.
Please NOTE:  I opened this web page  in 2015 on Key links to my activities and educational materials are found here (easy-to-remember —).
  • Information regarding my Introductory and more Advanced ECG books and ePubs is summarized on a 2-page pdf found at THIS LINK 
  • I am no longer selling individual copies of my books. Please go to my amazon author page =  if you would like information and/or to purchase any of my ECG/Arrhythmia/ACLS books.
  • My ePubs continue to be offered on kindle (at the above amazon link)  as well as for ibooks  nook  kobo. Search in any of those STORES for "grauer ecg" or "grauer acls" should bring my ePubs right up for you. All ePubs go for $9.99  and are added directly on to all of your devices for this one price.
  • do continue to sell quantity orders for any of my books. Please E-Mail Me Directly if interested in quantity purchase!
  • In 2011, I developed ECG Competency, an on-line site to objectively assess and improve ECG competency for primary care clinicians. Due to reduced demand — I will be closing this site on December 15, 2020. (Information on ECG Competency is still found at  ).
  • Feel free to WRITE ME at for specific questions =  
THANK YOU for your interest and support!

Ken Grauer, MD (3/16/2020)
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  • Please E-Mail Me Directly if you are potentially interested in University at Sea Cruises (CEI ) on which I am the sole speaker presenting 14 hours of CME material on ECGs/Arrhythmias on at sea days  while sailing to international destinations. Among sites I have gone with CEI Cruises include the British Isles, Mediterranean, Sea, Caribbean, Alaska, Canada/New England (LINK with INFO).
I still present ECG/Arrhythmia Workshops on a selected basis. Contact ME if interested.
For FREE On-Line access to my GLOSSARY of ECG-Related Terms  Click on this easy-to-remember LINK =