My ECG-Arrhythmia BOOKS gifted to ALL Participants

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As of 9/1/2017 — I am gifting the 4 books shown below to ALL participants at my CEI (University-at-Sea) ECG/Arrhythmia Workshops. Participants need not bring anything to the course — as these 4 books will serve as the primary handout material (with advantage that all participants then have user-friendly pocket-sized books to take home for their own review/reference materials).
  • Selected written materials (that you may print out if you desire) — are posted at THIS LINK in my Dropbox.
  • I can always be reached for questions —
  • My ECG BLOG ( and ECG VIDEOS ( — provide extensive Review Material that is freely available on-line. Be sure to click on the INDEX in the upper right of each page of my Blog for detailed linked content.
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  The 4 Books (from left-to-right, top-to-bottom) are: 
  • ECG-2014-Pocket Brain Expanded book (navy blue).
  • A 1st Book on ECGs-2014 (baby blue).
  • 12-Lead ECG Practice Exercises (white).
  • ACLS: Practice Code Scenarios-2013 (red).


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