ECG Competency

GOAL: To provide an educational and objective way to assess ECG Competency in Primary Care.

Welcome to  where I'll be posting information relevant to ECG Competency. This is an on-line, password protected program for objective assessment of ECG competency in primary care. It has already been adopted by ~30 Family Medicine Residencies nationally for dual purposes of education and documentation.
Additional links of interest regarding my work on ECG Interpretation:
Specific ECG/Arrhythmia Content Review:
  • 17 minute Video Review of Bundle Branch Blocks (
  • 42 minute Video Review of Axis/Hemiblocks (
  • 29 minute Video Review of Brugada Syndrome (
  • 65 minute Video Review of QRST Changes (
  • My Cardiac Arrhythmia web page ( — which has links to ~5 hours of my ECG Videos on Arrhythmia Diagnosis/Management and AV Block assessment (as well as links to numerous pdf summaries on arrhythmias).
  • My Basic ECG Concepts Series on my ECG Blog.
  • INDEX to all that I cover on my ECG Blog.
Feel free to contact me directly for questions - 


  1. Dear Professor:
    Today,I found myself unable to resume my training in your " practice tests".
    What happened?

    1. Hi. Just to clarify for anyone else reading this — The server for ECG Competency occasionally does not work for brief periods of time. Almost always, if you come back a little bit later — the site will be up and working again. If ever any registered users of ECG Competency encounter any problems — rather than commenting on this site — please EMAIL ME directly! = — and I will promptly respond. I trust Abdel after writing me, that you are no longer having any problems using the Practice Tests with your login? THANKS for your interest! — :)