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GOAL: To provide educational links for my ECG/Arrhythmia materials for Primary Care clinicians.
Welcome to (also found @ — which is my new web page devoted to Cardiac Arrhythmias. Based on my prior FAFP (Florida Academy of Family Physicians) Talk (12/12/2014 — in Amelia Island, Florida) — and, my FAFP Arrhythmia Workshop (8/7/2015 — at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida) — this web page features an expanding array of educational material from a primary care perspective on a practical approach to Arrhythmia Evaluation & Management. It includes:
MY ECG Videos on Arrhythmia Diagnosis:
  • Video #3 — a Regular SVT/AVNRT.
  • Video #7  Wide Tachycardia in a Patient with Chest Pain.
  • Video #8 on Basics of AV Blocks (
  •      For a Linked-Time CONTENTS to AV Blocks!
  • Video #9 (Diagnosing 3rd-Degree/Laddergram Primer)
  •      Contents (Using a Laddergram — begins @ 9:10)

  • 3-Part Video Series on Basics of Rhythm Diagnosis:
  •    Part 1 — Video #10 (Intro to Rhythm Diagnosis) —
  •    Part 2 — Video #11 (Supraventricular Rhythms) —
  •    Part 3 — Video #12 (Ventricular Rhythms) —
  •        For a Linked-Time CONTENTS to Rhythm Dx!
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NOTEAlthough selected aspects of Rhythm Interpretation are included in the above handouts and videos — our focus on this web page is on clinical Arrhythmia Management in a primary care setting. In the interest of expanding our coverage on Arrhythmias — we include below LINKS to PDFs excerpted from ACLS-2013-ePub — and from ECG-2014-ePub — For your convenience, each PDF opens to Bookmarks. Click first on CONTENTS to see what is in each pdf.
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Additional LINKS of Interest regarding my work on ECG Interpretation:
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  1. Sir, your video blogs have been invaluable to me especially in building my basics in ECG interpretation.
    Also, it would be of great help if you could make one for conduction blocks or just a post on that topics would be great too. Thank you

    1. @ Ashwini Hiremath — THANK YOU for the kind words. The link to the AV Block conduction defects is above (easy-to-remember link = — and the easy-to-remember link to my ECG Video on the Bundle Branch Blocks = — :)